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The directors of Rush have been active in mobile camps throughout Africa over the past 18 years. With this expertise and experience we recognise and understand the importance of well maintained, safe and reliable camps and trained staff which has kept us extremely successful and professional over many years.

Our mobile accommodation approach is driven by value, flexibility and service, priding itself on being able to tailor a hire package to a customers requirements that delivers quality at a significantly relative cost.

We strive to work with clients to offer solutions no matter how remote or tailored your event camp is required. We have a large range of equipment which is growing all the time, ablution facilities, water tanks and pumps, food supply, cooks and all your needs to get your camp to work in remote areas of Southern Africa. Our mobile tented camps are also a great solution for exploration, mining or drilling camps. With our canvas tents, kitchens and ablution units for hire you can simply overcome your remote accommodation requirements.


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Why book With Us:

Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t have to spend it searching for the right vacation, we do that for you. Destinations may look good on many media platforms but may not actually be ideal for you personally or budget. We know the destinations and have instant access to new places or updated information in each destination we offer and mostly our local staff are passionate about sharing Africa with you. Take advantage of their services and support out local communities. Rush Adventures is a energetic local run company operating solo and small group adventure trips for any years guaranteeing a quality transparent and easy travel service in Southern African.


Support 24/7:

We offer all our clients a personal and professional service 24/7 ensuring we have you covered while on tour.  Our booking office staff work South African hours from 8am to 5am Monday to Friday and there is always a sales person available after these hours to provide information and booking information from home. We want you feeling safe, happy, confident and secure on tour. Our operational staff rotate and are on duty 24/7 while you are on safari or doing a self drive tour to assist with any unlikely breakdown or personal emergency you may come across.


Budget Quality:

Rush Adventures specializes in the budget sector of tourism giving many solo travelers, students and post grades the opportunity to visit Southern Africa on a budget that suites their pocket as well as maximizing the quality of their vacation without the expensive frills. We source and select all bonified accommodation, campsites, car rentals and meals to saving our clients a lot of money while visiting and doing all the authentic activities in each destination so our clients don’t miss out on anything. In fact our clients will enjoy a more hands on and face to face experience while traveling with us


How to Book:

To reserve a tent, please call 060 906 8267 or send an Email to

We will forward you a booking form via Email, once the form is completed, we will provisonally reserve a space for you and forward you an invoice.

Bookings will only be finalised once payment has been received.

Once the amount reflects in our bank account, we will forward you a Confirmation Statement.


Tel: +27 11 963-3049 – Cell: +27 60 906 8267 – Whatsapp: +27 60 906 8267