7 Day Okavango Experience

Okavango Delta Safaris Overview:

This exciting adventure begins with a drive from Johannesburg through to Botswana’s spectacular Okavango Delta. We cross the wilds of the interior settling in Maun, deep within the heart of Botswana. We take a 4×4, travelling across the Buffalo fence,  where we join our Mokoro (dugout canoe) guides at the waters’ edge. Spending three days in the heart of the Okavango, gliding across channels of crystal clear water, this is an adventure everyone should experience. The Delta is an exciting way to discover what life is without modern influences and appreciating local people in the region compared to our cosmopolitan living.

This photo was taken on one of our okavango delta tours, it is clients sitting in their mokoros, a mode of transport in the okavango delta

Included Highlights.

  • 3 Day Delta trip.
  • 4×4 bush transfer.
  • Mokoro trip.
  • Nature / Game walks.
  • Freestyle bush camping.
  • Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

Optional Highlights.

  • Delta village walk.
  • Flight over the Delta.
  • Helicopter Flip.
  • Horse back ride.
  • Maun Markets.
  • Khama open game drive.

Okavango Delta Tours Summary:

Day 1: Johannesburg – Nata /Botswana (Distance Travelled: +/- 760km)
Highlights included: Limpopo River, Francistown, roaming wildlife
Meals included: Dinner

Day 2: Nata – Maun (Distance Travelled: +/- 320km)
Highlights Included: Roaming wildlife, Town of Maun
Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 3: Maun – Okavango Delta (Distance Travelled: 60km)
Highlights included: 4×4 transfer, Mokoro trip, free bush camping
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Okavango Delta (Distance Travelled: 0km)
Highlights included: Mokoro trips, waterways, nature/game walks, free bush camping
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch & Dinner

Day 5: Okavango Delta – Maun (Distance Travelled: +/- 60km)
Highlights included: Mokoro trip, nature walk, 4×4 transfer, town of Maun
Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 6: Maun – Khama (Distance Travelled: +/- 510km)
Highlights included: Khama Rhino Sanctuary
Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 7: Khama – Johannesburg / South Africa (Distance Travelled: +/- 660km)
Highlights included: Limpopo River, Johannesburg
Meals included: Breakfast

Highlights & Adventure Boosts.

  • 3 Day Delta trip.
  • 4×4 bush transfer.
  • Mokoro trip.
  • Nature / Game walks.
  • Freestyle bush camping.
  • Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

Day 1: Johannesburg – Nata, Botswana.
Distance travelled: +/- 760km.
Approx driving time: Full day.

Departing from South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, we embark on a new journey taking a pleasant two hour road trip north to the Botswana border post, “Martins Drift”. Crossing the Limpopo River, we clear immigration’s before changing currency into “Pula” the local currency of Botswana. Rain is a sought after luxury in Botswana, the currency is called “Pula and Thebe” interpreted means “rain drops” in Tswana, the national ethnic language. More than one-half of the population live in rural areas and are largely dependent on subsistence crop and livestock farming. We meander through vast open savannahs, passing many local villages and bustling trading towns, including Palapye, before our lunch stop in Francistown, a once thriving gold mining town. We complete our road trip crossing over “veterinary fences” (to control foot and mouth disease) into wilder habitats, arriving at the tranquil rustic setting of Nata Safari Lodge in the late afternoon, where we enjoy a dinner under the stars in the wilds of Africa.

Highlights: Nata rest camp
Accommodation: Nata Safari Lodge or similar
Meals included: Dinner


Day 2 Maun – Okavango Delta.
Distance travelled +/- 320km.
Approx driving time: Full day.

Following an enjoyable early morning breakfast, you begin an easy paced expedition to the lifeline of Botswana, (the massive and remote Okavango Delta). Driving west with a strong possibility of encountering towering Elephant and Buffalo alongside the road, you encounter many interesting local villages and herdsmen attending to their live stock. Maun is the gateway town where you first stock up on your supplies, for your three day adventure excursion into one of the wildest and most remote territories on the continent. Basing ourselves at a tranquil bush camp out of town, shaded by many trees, you enjoy the night in the calm surroundings of Sitatunga camp.

Highlights: Maun, Sitatunga rest camp
Accommodation: Sitatunga Safari Camp
Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner


Day 3 Maun – Okavango Delta.
Distance Travelled +/- 60km.
Approx driving time: Two hours.

With bags and food supplies packed and sun screen and hats on hand, you climb onto our 4×4 bush tracker, ready to unearth the wonders of the Okavango Delta. This beautiful region is a natural wetland system spreading over 1, 6 million hectares of northern Botswana, formed from rivers that flow south from Angola and divide repeatedly over the flat Botswana plains and wind an intricate floodplain of channels and an inland ‘delta’, the only one of its kind in the world. After a slow drive along rugged windy tracks, you cross the Buffalo fence, exposing you to untamed Africa under the care and safety of your experienced guide. At the water’s edge you meet your local guides who are overly familiar with the region and you are gently poled out onto the narrow flat waterway on a Mokoro (dugout canoes). Gliding over glistening ponds while weaving though the dense green bulrushes and beautiful wild lilies, we set up a bush camp under shade and gather for lunch. The afternoon is spent either on a game walk with your local guides, viewing Hippo from a Mokoro or simply taking some relieving time out. The nights are enjoyed with the sounds of wild animals in the distance around your campfire and encouraging your local guides to sing us traditional Tswana songs.

Highlights: 4×4 transfer, entry to delta, Mokoro with poler, local guide, game walks
Accommodation: Tented mobile camp en suite – Twin share accommodation
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Day 4 Okavango Delta.
Distance Travelled 0km.
Approx driving time: Nil.

The sounds of snorting Hippo nearby and the aroma of coffee brewing on an open fire, awakes you for a light breakfast in the cool morning breeze. The water of the Okavango is remarkably pure due to the fact that it passes through very sparsely populated areas on its journey from Angola, making the water safe to drink and bathe in. Joining your guide you enjoy an informative trek through the marvelous savannah terrain. The delta environment has large numbers of animal populations such as Crocodile, Red Lechwe, Sitatunga (Antelope), Elephant, Wild dogs, Buffalo, Wattled Crane as well as the other more common mammals and bird life. From relaxing at camp through the midday heat to the incredible silence experienced on the cool waterways, you are able to ponder the magnitude of life without western influences. If our camp is in reasonable walking distance of a local village, then you stand a good chance of visiting these humble folk before retiring to camp for another night of laughter and stories gathered around a warm flickering fire.

Highlights: Entry to delta, Mokoro with poler, local guide, game walks
Accommodation: Tented mobile camp en suite – Twin share accommodation
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

game walk

Day 5 Okavango Delta – Maun.
Distance Travelled +/-60km.
Approx driving time: Two hours.

After a final game walk followed by a light breakfast, we pack up our gear clearing the site of our existence before loading our Mokoro’s. Satisfied, you glide over the still waterways returning to the poler’s station, where our 4×4 tracker waits for you and your poler’s bid you farewell. Crossing the buffalo fence back to civilization, you enjoy the luxury of hot showers once again with some time out for a lunch break or a swim, in the main camp’s swimming pool. This afternoon feeling revitalized and refreshed, you have the opportunity to join a trip with a guide into town, where you can explore the shopping area and little market stalls scattered around the C.B.D. A popular activity is a flight around the Delta, which will leave you breathless when you see the vastness of the surroundings from the air and the insignificance of man in these parts. We return to camp and prepare a wholesome dinner ending the night under the stars with the distinct scent of wild sage in the air.

Highlights: Entry to Delta, Mokoro with poler, local guide, game walks
Accommodation: Sitatunga Safari lodge
Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 6 Maun – Khama Rhino Sanctuary.
Distance travelled: +/-530km.
Approx driving time: Third of day.

An early rise and shine call, followed by a satisfying breakfast, we leave Maun travelling through the greater Kalahari region via Mopipi, seeing vast salt pans in the distance. Although a very enjoyable and scenic route, Mopipi has a very small population and is known as the least visited place in Botswana. We arrive at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary in the early afternoon. In 1989 a group of locals wished to convert the Serowe Pan, previously a hunting area, into a conservation region for the rhino that inhabit the area. The ‘Pan’ was chosen because of its ‘rhino-friendly’ habitat and its proximity to a Botswana Defense Force base, which can provide 24 hour protection. Located on the edge of the vast Kalahari Desert, Khama is a prime habitat for white Rhino, Zebra, Wildebeest and Giraffe. Khama is a community based wildlife project which, benefits the local community and teaches and educates the importance of conserving these animals. This afternoon we enjoy an open game drive with knowledgeable local rangers, taking in an abundance of interesting facts from Rhino to Fauna and Flora. Our last night on safari, is spent in the camp site, swapping stories and laughter with our last meal as a group.

Highlights: Kalahari Desert fringes, Khama Rhino Sanctuary, open vehicle game drive
Accommodation: Serowe Hotel or similar
Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner


Day 7: Serowe– Johannesburg, South Africa.
Leaving early we cross the border back into South Africa, where the tour ends late afternoon in Johannesburg.

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Camping Trip – Botswana

  • 2 – Crew.
  • 12 – Passengers Max.
  • Mini bus / coach.
  • Starts – Johannesburg.
  • Ends – Johannesburg.
  • 7 day – 6 Nights.
  • Camping – 6 Nights.
  • 2 – Man Dome Tents.
  • 6 Breakfast – 1 Lunch – 6 Dinners.
PRICE per person  R8525.00 pps.

Local Payment  USD$195 Pay to the tour leader.
Single Supplement R600 book your own tent.Tour Price includes your tour, accommodation, included highlights and meals as indicated.
Local Payment: The local payment (LP)set out in the brochure is to be paid to the tour guide/driver on day 1 of this tour. This local payment covers running costs on the road – meals indicated, accommodation and tour highlights. Traveller’s cheques and credit cards are not accepted. Payments must be made in US Dollars (US Dollars in clean, un-torn post 2006 edition notes)
Single Supplement will secure your own tent and must be paid when booking your tour.


2014 Departure Dates

Useful Information

Monday every second week ends Sundays.
Leaving Johannesburg.

05h00             End Date

  • 2014-11-03 – 2014-11-09.
  • 2014-11-17 – 2014-23-00.
  • 2014-12-01 – 2014-12-07.
  • 2014-12-15 – 2014-12-21.
  • 2014-12-29 – 2015-01-04.
  • 2015-01-12 – 2015-01-18.
  • 2015-01-26 – 2015-02-01.
  • 2015-02-09 – 2015-02-15.
  • 2015-02-23 – 2015-03-01.
  • 2015-03-09 – 2015-03-15.
  • 2015-03-23 – 2015-03-29.
  • 2015-04-06 – 2015-04-12.
  • 2015-04-20 – 2015-04-26.
  • 2015-05-04 – 2015-05-10.
  • 2015-05-18 – 2015-05-24.
  • 2015-06-01 – 2015-06-07.
  • 2015-06-15 – 2015-06-21.
  • 2015-06-29 – 2015-07-05.
  • 2015-07-13 – 2015-07-19.
  • 2015-07-27 – 2015-08-02.
  • 2015-08-10 – 2015-08-16.
  • 2015-08-24 – 2015-08-30.
  • 2015-09-07 – 2015-09-13.
  • 2015-09-21 – 2015-09-27.
  • 2015-10-05 – 2015-10-11.
  • 2015-10-19 – 2015-10-25.
  • 2015-11-02 – 2015-11-08.
  • 2015-11-16 – 2015-11-22.
  • 2015-11-30 – 2015-12-06.
  • 2015-12-14 – 2015-12-20.
  • 2015-12-28 – 2016-01-03.
  • 2016-01-11 – 2016-01-17.
  • 2016-01-25 – 2016-01-31.
  • 2016-02-08 – 2016-02-14.
  • 2016-02-22 – 2016-02-28.
  • 2016-03-07 – 2016-03-13.
  • 2016-03-21 – 2016-03-27.
Food & Meals.
The crew will buy fresh meat, vegetables and fruit each day, ensuring that all needs are catered for. The local produce is cost effective and a healthier option too. We all help with the cooking and cleaning on tour – working as a team creates harmony and lasting friendships long after the tour is over. We do enjoy local specialties occasionally at the local restaurants, which is for your pocket. Lunch is usually not included as there are many local shops with various lunch options for you to try out.


Adventure Camping

Tour highlights, transport, accommodation, meals as indicated and the services of an ENGLISH speaking driver / tour leader.

Visas, visa fees, travel insurance, flights, airport transfers, optional activities, laundry, gratuities, passports and items of a personal nature.

LOCAL PAYMENT: The local payment (LP)set out in the brochure is to be paid to the tour guide/driver on day 1 of this tour. This local payment covers running costs on the road – meals indicated, accommodation and tour highlights. Traveller’s cheques and credit cards are not accepted. Payments must be made in US Dollars (US Dollars in clean, un-torn post 2006 edition notes)

Choose between our specially selected camping grounds with shared facilities for one night in the spectacularly picturesque Okavango Delta – home of the only inland delta in the world or if your taste is a home from home en-suite facility, with a pool, restaurant and bar, whatever your style, whatever your adventure, we’ve got it covered!

Minibus: With a minimum of 4 passengers to a maximum of 18.

On confirmation of booking you will receive pre-departure and all relevant information. After receipt of full payment, travel vouchers and all pertaining information will promptly be delivered to you! If you could please contact your local travel agent for flights arrangements to and from your tour start and finish destination.

These facilities are approximately +-10km’s from Johannesburg International Airport.
MoAfrika Lodge
Tel: +27 82 506 9641
120 Sandham Rd
Norton Home Estate
Benoni, Johannesburg
Early Evening.
The tour departs from Johannesburg early in the morning of Day 1; we advise – and we have experience with this advice – that you arrive the day before departure to overcome any jet-lag and to acclimatise to Africa. We would be happy to book pre-tour accommodation for you – please call or email us (or speak to your agent) with your arrival details and accommodation requirements.If you so desire and time allows, we suggest that you stay an extra night or several after the tour ends to experience Johannesburg. Drinking at a world famous shebeen in the Alexander township is an experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!! The Alexander Township is where you can eat a hearty plate of African cuisine, quench your thirst with traditional home-brewed ale while listening to Kwaito with a shebeen queen, and maybe visit the first home of our former President Nelson Mandela.We have suggested the below accommodation for your convenience, the price is a guide line only and may vary slightly depending on season.
Twin Room en-suite Sharing: R560.00
Single Room en-suite: R 455.00
Dorm Bedded Room: R175.00

Luggage allowance is 20kg per passenger on most airlines, we don’t have a specific weight allowance, but suggest to travel lightly. We do suggest bringing a large soft backpack and a smaller bag for the day. Please bring a mixture of lightweight cool clothing for the day and warm clothing for the mornings and evenings, even when it’s not cold at night, after being in the sun all day, when the sun goes down, you will feel the temperature drop! Game drives can also be chilly. A towel and a pillow is a necessity. A money belt/pouch is more convenient and comfortable than carrying a wallet or purse around. We suggest leaving your valuables at home or use the lodge safe to store valuables and or your cash, passports and travel tickets. A sleeping bag is needed unless you choose to upgrade.

Below is a table indicating the vaccinations suggested for this tour. Please note this is a guide line only and you should seek professional medical advice with regards to vaccinations/tablets. You will need to visit your gp or clinic at least 6 weeks prior to departure should you decide to take anti-malaria tablets. Some area’s visited are malarial.

Okavango Experience Vaccination

C = Compulsory,
R = Recommended,
R* = It is an immigration requirement and a Yellow Fever certificate is procedure if travelling to Zambia from South Africa or vice versa. If travelling from countries requiring a certificate, you will need to provide proof of certificate or the certificate.
NB: This information is a guide line only you can contact us at Rush Adventures for any queries or advise regarding vaccinations on any of the tours and we will gladly assist you.

Please note the visa requirements be checked at least one month prior to travel.
Most nationalities do not need visas in advance as they are obtainable at the border entry points and can be paid for is US dollars $ – cash.

Below is a table indicating visa’s required when traveling from overseas. Please see your local consulate/embassies or a visa specialist for up to date information and assistance pertaining to visas. UK citizens can go to www.fco.gov.uk for travel information. Other nationalities please contact your local relevant embassy.

Okavango Experience Visa Requirements

Spending money. Souvenirs, drinks, snacks, tips and items of a personal nature is to your own discretion and needs/wants. We suggest you budget on R200.00 ($10 – $15) a day. Most of your spending will be done in South Africa and therefore in South African Rand. In Botswana the currency is Pula and Zambia the currency is Kwacha. Any added optional activities, accommodation before or after the trip, is for your discretion. It’s advised to bring US dollars ($) for any international airport taxes or visas.

Spending money is advised to be in cash in either South African Rand or US Dollars. Pound Sterling or Euro can be exchanged into Rand on arrival and/or as you travel. Your guide will give general guidance in regards to this during the tour.

Are found throughout South Africa, Botswana and in Livingstone. Please note these are sometimes unreliable and only dispense local currency so visa or mastercard’s and certain banks are the only cards that will dispense local currency.

Can be used for additional activities although as we all know carry additional charges.

Can be inconvenient to cash but make for suitable emergency funds.

It is customary to pay gratuity to staff at the end of the tour should the standard be worthy of this. In areas where tourism is an integral part of the economy we suggest to do so, but naturally this remains at your discretion.

We give you the maximum flexibility on tour, therefore we offer a number of optional activities. Below are approximate prices in US dollars ($). Prices are subject to change but not astronomically.

Botswana – Flight over the Delta.
Helicopter Flip.
Horse ride trail.
Horseback ride.

Rush Adventures strongly advise full travel insurance valid for the duration of your tour to cover you for medical emergencies and repatriation to your home country should the need arise. Your guide can hold a copy of this if you so wish. Please leave a copy of your insurance with your nominated emergency contact. We can provide specialist travel insurance for your tour through our local operator. Please contact Rush Adventures for more information.

We believe that you will get the most of your journey by respecting the culture and the locals from the places you visit. Our tours benefit the communities we pass through, minimizing any negative impact on the environment and by getting involved with local charity projects assisting the communities. We ensure the campsites used are left clean as they will be found clean. If we could kindly ask you to take into consideration the traditions and be respectful of others and the communities in which they live, for example dressing respectfully in conservative areas.

Remember: Proactive and responsible travel helps develop and more importantly maintain cross-cultural boundaries, understandings and friendships with the locals, and this will add to your experience of Africa, its cultures and your adventure.



We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa GMT+100.
Our reservation’s office is open Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 17h00.
To contact us and speak to one of our helpful, experienced and friendly consultants don’t hesitate to call us on: +27 11 974 8245 or send us an email: info@rushadventures.co.za.

  • Confirm the date you would like to travel with your consultant.
  • Fill in the booking form with all required information and details to your tour. We will then send you an invoice with your booking number.
  • Make the payment via an Internet bank transfer or deposit directly into the Rush Adventures banking account. Once payment is confirmed, confirmation of travel and all pertaining vouchers and documents will be promptly sent to you.

A deposit of 20% is required on booking and the balance is due 6 weeks prior to departure.
A cancellation fee will be charged accordingly to Rush Adventure in the event thereof. All conditions are stated on the booking form.

Please notify us when booking if there are any dietary requirements or medical conditions to make your tour streamlined to your individual needs. The Adventure Boost is payable to the tour leader on the day of departure.

Simply fill out your details below and click on the submit button. The bookings will be processed and you will be contacted promptly. We thank you for choosing your adventure with Rush and we ensure you of a memorable tour experience second to none!

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    A bit about the Okavango Delta tours.

    The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a very large inland delta formed where the Okavango River reaches a tectonic trough in the basin of the Kalahari. All the water reaching the Okavango Delta is ultimately evaporated and transpired the water does not flow into any river or ocean. Ever year about 11 cubic kilometers of water spreads over the 15,000 square kilometre area. The scale and magnificence of the Okavango Delta helped it secure a position as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. The Okavango Delta became the 1000th site to be officially inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Mokoro ride on the botswana tours
    Although the Okavango Delta is widely believed to be the world’s largest inland delta, it is not. In Africa alone there are two larger similar geological features: the Sudd on the Nile in South Sudan, and the Inner Niger Delta in Mali.

    game walk on our okavango delta safaris
    The Delta’s profuse greenery is not the result of a wet climate; rather, it is an oasis in an arid country. The average annual rainfall is 450mm (approximately one third that of its Angolan catchment area) and most of it falls between December and March in the form of heavy afternoon thunderstorms.
    Join Rush Adventures on one of our many tours that visit the Okavango Delta. This is one of the few places left in the world that have been untouched by humans. You will enchanted by this magical destination, and its amazing wildlife.


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