African Budget Holidays

All African Budget tours have a minimum requirement of 6 people.


 Okavango Wunderlust Trail

 Duration: 7 Days

 R11 280.00 p/p VIEW

 Kruger to Vic Falls

 Duration: 7 Days

 R10 400.00 p/p VIEW

 Zambezi Boogy

 Duration: 7 Days

 R8525.00 p/p VIEW

 Okavango Experience

 Duration: 7 Days

 R8525.00 p/p VIEW

Within South Africa

 Kruger Park Safari

 Duration : 4 Days

 R5000.00 p/p VIEW

 Durban Weekender

 Duration : 3 Days

 R2500.00 p/p VIEW

 Kruger to Limpopo

 Duration : 3 Days

 R3900.00 p/p VIEW

 East Coast Discovery

 Duration : 7 Days

 R7900.00 p/p  VIEW

Popular Getaways

 Mozambique Highlights

 Duration : 7 Days

 R7850.00 p/p VIEW

 Delta Chobe Wilderness

 Duration : 11 Days

 R12 400.00 p/p VIEW

 Trek Southern Africa

 Duration : 12 Days

 R11 250.00 p/p  VIEW

 Southern African Medley

 Duration : 14 Days

 R23 400.00 p.p VIEW

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