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Why travel with Rush Adventures tours ?

Rush Adventures specialises in tours to Southern Africa, encouraging student & youth travel, with tours at very affordable rates. We are committed to bringing you the finest small group adventure tours available.

We believe in doing more than just visiting a place. We believe in really getting out there and having an adventure. Our tours are about meeting new people. It’s not just about where you go, it’s how you experience it. Our tours focus on the most exciting highlights and visits to out of
the way locations which you wouldn’t find if travelling alone. With our tours itineraries designed to make the most of your time. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy Africa. For it offers a thrilling, fulfilling and simply stunning vacation.

The primary purpose of Rush Adventures tours is to give travelers a broader view of Africa. By empowering them with the vision and tools they need for an optimistic insight for the future of Africa.

For a sustainable future, enticing young people to travel should be a priority. The youth are our future leaders, after all. Youth are resilient, resourceful, and seeking an adventure away from home. This helps them build long lasting relationships with other like minded people and Rush Adventures presents such opportunities with all our tours.

Crew – Tours manager

Our crew is hand picked from the best of the bunch. They are experienced, resourceful and enthusiastic when it comes to leading their groups. They know all the hot spots and steer you in the right direction. So you won’t miss out on anything exciting or important on any of our tours. Before crew members get out there regardless of previous experience, they need to complete our comprehensive training program. Only once they fully grasp the day to day responsibilities and our clients love them as trainee’s, will they get the top job of becoming crew!
The Crew make an eventful tour happen. Therefore the Rush crew thrives to maintain an exciting trip. With the objective of bringing back satisfied and content passengers on every bus every time all our tours.

Vehicles &Transportation

We have a fleet of Mercedes Sprinter buses. We have a luggage trailer for groups of 14 and under. We charter reputable coaches and overland trucks with luggage space underneath for groups larger than 15. All our vehicles have passenger liability insurance. The necessary road carrier permits for all tours and road worthy certificates required for our safety and your peace of mind. The directors of Rush have been active in youth and overland tour operating throughout Africa over the past 18 years. Running adventure tours for thousands of tourists visiting South Africa.With this expertise and experience we recognize and understand the importance of well maintained, safe and reliable transport. Which has kept us extremely successful and professional over many years and many tours.

A large bus used for bigger tours
26 Seater Volare tours bus
A Rush Adventures Tour Bus


Rush sources various styles of accommodation. Suited for groups interested in hostels, resort chalets, cabins and camping in two man dome tents. Depending on the nature of the tour. We focus mainly on using twin bedded chalets.
We rely on accommodation venues that we have used for many years. They are well maintained and safe establishments with suitable facilities to accommodate our groups. This includes : hygienic toilets, clean hot showers,eating facilities,
recreational areas and lock up bed rooms/dorms.

Rooms on accommodated kruger safari tours

Depending on the excursion or style of accommodation, you may need to bring a few things with. A sleeping bag & small pillow is recommended to bring along when camping, as only mattresses are provided. We will supply you with a basic list of what you are required to bring upon booking.


All meals are prepared by the crew. Passengers are required to assist with duties when it comes to shopping, preparing and serving meals. This participation is a great way to create social interaction in order to achieve a common goal,
plus its fun.

2 man dome tents used on budget tours

We cater for all special dietary requirements which should be noted on the booking formwhen making a booking.

Breakfasts consist of a different variation each day. Cereals, bread & toast, spreads, scrambled eggs, sausages, French toast, tinned spaghetti and baked beans.

Lunches vary from hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches and pastas.

Dinners are all hot meals. Ranging from spaghetti bolognaise, wors, mash & veg, stir fry’s, wholesome stews, steak / chicken, rice. Veg and salads are prepared with most meals.

A group shot on one of the budget kruger safari tours


Each tour is designed with a certain destination in mind. And we include some activities which are vital for your experience. There are a lot more activities available that our crew can explain to you. Or you could request when inquiring with our reservation staff. It is always advisable to bring some extra money for these extra activities. However, without them you will still have a fantastic and enjoyable time on tour. Some tours involve hiking or pony trekking which is always fun. While other tours offer you more time to enjoy your own space and the destination on your own terms. All companies we recommend are well insured and extremely reputable.

A client Bungee-jumping on one of Rush Adventures Victoria Falls Tours
Clients riding quads on one of our Lesotho tours
Clients on one of our adventures tours

Travel insurance

Although highly unlikely, things can happen when you’re traveling that are out of your control. Like severe flu, gastro or even a cut foot, so insurance comes in handy. When traveling with Rush Adventures we recommend that you have travel medical insurance, and trip cancellation insurance. If you are going to spend your hard earned money to enjoy your holiday – why not spend a little more to safeguard it? Some medical aids do offer travel insurance.

If you have travel insurance or medical cover, let us know the details prior to departure in case of any emergency. If you do not have cover you may consider short term cover. We can assist you in acquiring the correct short term cover.

All travelers must complete the medical form. Each client should indicate if they have a pre-existing medical condition, your medical practitioner must complete a medical form. The more information Rush Adventures has, the better we can assist you in the unlikely event of an emergency or need for other medical assistance.

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